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Product Introduction
1. The charger can automatically adjust the charging current according to the battery’s capacity to accommodate four lithium batteries of different capacities in series, ensure the reasonable charging time of batteries
2. The charger has the built-in temperature controlled cooling fan, when the internal temperature of charger is detected more than 50℃, the fan dissipates the heat, and the fan stops when the internal temperature is detected less than 45℃.
3. This charger is suitable for all brands of lithium battery pack, and is the best choice for emergency charging on fields.
4. Because this artifact comes with the self-identifying function of internal resistance of battery pack, it can assist you to distinguish the battery performance.
5. This charger has the protection against the output short circuit.



Input Voltage : AC90V-240V

Charging Voltage: 16.8V DC

Charging Current : 8.0A(MAX)

Charging Power : 120W(MAX)

Charging Display: LED Display
Operating Temperature: 0-60°C
Dimensions: 74 (W)mm * 184 (L)mm * 45 (D)mm
Weight: 500g (with line)



What's in box?
1 x D-Tap Quick Charging Adapter;

1 x Power Cord.


Introduction of Functions
1.Introduction for indicator light
Green: the charger is not used or full charged.
Red: the charger is in charging.
Red flashes: the charger alarms for abnormality.


2. Alarm for abnormality
1) Alarm for high temperature: 
when temperature exceeds 70 degree.there will be alarm for high temperature; 
When temperature is lower than 60 degree, alarm for high temperature will be removed.
2)Alarm for charging over current: 
It will happen when the output current exceeds 10.0A. And alarm will stop when battery is removed.
3)Alarm for charging high voltage:

It will happen when output voltage exceeds 17.8v. And alarm will stop when battery is removed.


when abnormal charge is detected, voltage output will be closed and charge will be stopped. When abnormal charge is terminated (normal temperature, over current charging or replacement of high-voltage battery), operation will continue.

SOONWELL DC-BQ Quick Charger For Li-ion Batteries


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